2016 Kitchen Design Trends

2016 Kitchen Design Trends

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2016kitchenSprucing up homes especially kitchen, is something that excites mostly women. Since it’s their domain, they like to play around with ideas and thoughts about revamping or remodeling their kitchen. Home improvement has come a long way and the designs and colors you have these days is truly remarkable. In spite of possessing a blueprint of what one wants, the final product somehow doesn’t come out as expected. However, we can’t thank technology enough for coming into our lives at the right time and making it comfortable. Trends keep on varying all the time and kitchen designs are no different. Let’s take a look at what’s in vogue this year when it comes to designs, colors and aesthetics that can give your kitchen an entirely new look.

Colors and Hues

Homeowners love different shades be it one subtle color or colors in a sequential manner. Blue and white is still a favorite since no other color beats this classy look. Standard ones like white and gray are preferred for shaker cabinets and drawers. They go with different houses, be it traditional, classic or modern. These colors stand out especially if the wall is white and it gives the kitchen a vivacious look. If basic is not something you prefer, you could opt for charcoal gray, pale green and turquoise blue. These shades never fail to impress.

White Granites – Black granites are a thing of the past. 2016 is all about bright colors and that includes granites too. It’s not milky white if that’s what you’re thinking. But it has a grayish side to it and it looks absolutely stunning. If you’re unsure about the appearance, then you can always Google it or go to a store that specializes in modular kitchen designs and have a closer look.

Hardwood Floors

People these days are taking a break from regular tiles and instead are opting for hardwood floors in the kitchen. The type of wood one wants typically depends on his or her style of home and ambiance.

Open Shelves

2016 is also the year of open shelves. If you’re contemplating revamping your kitchen, then you couldn’t have chosen a better year. With cabinets you don’t seem to remember the things that are stored. But with open shelves, it’s all out there in front of your eyes. The only downfall with these kind of shelves is that they accumulate dust and cleaning them every day adds on to your daily chores. So, give it a nice thought before investing in open shelves and see what you really prefer.

Roll Outs and Pull Outs for Cabinets

Having everything on the counter or cooking-station appears messy. Compartmentalizing everything will make things look organized. That’s why you have roll outs and pull outs for cabinets. These drawers can store your ladles, glasses, mugs, woks and mini jars in an impeccable manner.

So, the trends mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg and there are myriad of designs and styles to look forward to this year. Thus, without further ado, grab a pen and paper and look for ways you can make your kitchen stand out to the best of your ability.

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